“Picking Up Aliens: A Guide” by John Grey

The book, is well thumbed
being the preferred reference book
in this galaxy
for many-thumbed creatures.
When it delves into skin color,
it reminds me of a brochure
of latex paints.
How to catch a female’s eye
acknowledges the difficulties involved
when she has seventeen of them,
and not all on her face.
And I can’t believe the names
of all these favorite drinks…
Sex in the Cerebral Void,
Cybernetic Implant On The
Tyroleon Rocks.
I gloss right over
the chapter on Earthlings.
Do our women really respond
to a tickle under the chin
with a long green feeler?
There’s an underlying theme I guess
to how to seduce
a three headed Gorb
or an alligator-scaled Spilth
and it’s that beauty is
in the eye of the beholder
or when you’re ten thousand light years from home,
anything looks good.
That’s why, on Oroboros,
I silently slip off my wedding ring.
Not from guilt,
but so she’ll know it’s my finger.

John Grey has been published recently in The Echolocation, Bryant Literary Review and Caveat Lector with work upcoming in Clark Street Review, GW Review and The Potomac Review.
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