“The Witch’s Confession” by Jordan Taylor

I didn’t eat that baby.
Now I’m not saying
that it wasn’t plump
and it didn’t look delicious,
because it was,
and it did,
and I’m not saying
that I wasn’t hungry,
because I was.
But I didn’t eat that baby.

See that baby was a screamer,
and any time I passed it on the street,
being pushed along
in its ridiculous frilly pram
by that silly thing
that cared for it,
and I stopped to say
pleasant things to it like
My how succulent you are,
it would screw up its ugly red face
and just howl.
I like my meals quieter.

If I were to let you
dig up my backyard,
as you threaten to,
black policeman’s boots
trampling all over my cabbages,
you might find some little white bones,
like the bones of birds,
pushing up through the wet soil,
or maybe the occasional
soft curly lock of blonde hair,
but I didn’t eat that baby,
and anyone who says I did
is a liar.

Jordan Taylor will soon graduate from North Carolina State University with her bachelor’s in Creative Writing. Her poetry has also been published by Aoife’s Kiss and Emerge Literary Journal, and she is the Undergraduate Prize winner of NCSU’s 2013 poetry contest.
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