“Homes” by Beth Cato

I will build my walls of bone
let wind whistle through the femurs
my breath will leech their moisture
transform smooth white to porous gray

I will grow stronger in my new cage
crush bone to powder beneath my grip
by fistfuls I will break this place asunder
plant seeds in calcium-rich dust

vines will grow in tangled torrents
my hands to weave a roof and walls
beneath cruel sunlight, buds will open
to baptize my soul in sweet honeysuckle

Beth Cato is the author of the Clockwork Dagger series from Harper Voyager, which includes her Nebula-nominated novella “Wings of Sorrow and Bone.” Her new alt-history series starts with Breath of Earth. She’s a Hanford, California, native transplanted to the Arizona desert, where she lives with her husband, son, and requisite cat. Follow her at BethCato.com and on Twitter at @BethCato.
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