“Report on Incident 3179” by irving

We had picked up the human at least 9 times before.
The tracers gave strange information
on movements and certain hormone levels,
which varied in a cycle that seemed
to be tied to their peculiar lunar schedule.
Probably we should have observed from a distance,
rather than collecting him for examination
at the height of his cycle.
Our best explanation so far
is some kind of hormone rampage.
Eight of us killed.
Bodies will arrive home by sub-light drone
in 640 local years (875 in real time)
Fortunately, the human mythology was off on some key points.
No silver was needed to kill it.
A concentrated beam of positrons
did the job just fine.
We recommend rescinding the extermination order
until this anomaly has been thoroughly studied.
If this unusual moon-hormone connection can be verified
the implications are significant.

irving‘s poetry has previously appeared in Dreams & Nightmares, From the Asylum, Niteblade, Paper Crow, Star*Line, and other fine publications.
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