“In the Library of Rock” by Geoffrey A. Landis

The skeletons of dinosaurs, turned to stone in the Earth, were once thought to be bones of marvelous giants. But, of dragons, no fossils exist.

Dragon flesh is tangible flame
Dragon wings are membranes of flexible air
Dragon claws are jeweled sunlight
Dragon bones are crystalline sky
Dragon hide is scales of iridescent thought.

Dragons live only in the present.
There are no fossils of dragons.

Geoffrey A. Landis is a scientist and a science fiction writer. As a scientist, he works on advanced concepts at the NASA John Glenn Research Center. As a science fiction writer, he has had his stories translated into 19 languages, and has won both the Hugo and Nebula Awards. As a poet, he’s won the Rhysling award twice, most recently in 2009. He lives in Berea, Ohio, with his wife, Mary Turzillo, and four cats..

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