“Fragments Found in a Book Locked in a Trunk Lost in a Shop Whose Address is Unknown” by Daniel A. Rabuzzi

“O come sweet air!
To me, and only to me, as I dance
Laden with fire and burdened with iron,
Upon the track,
Where love’s cavalry gallops,
Pennons of rose and of red
Streaming behind them.”

“The rhinocerate loss of my spouse
Crushes the bones of my spirit,
But leaves me unable to die,
Living out of life,
Leaching out the breath,
Down to the final, far distant lie.”

“Signposts of origin unknown
Now mark the way,
The glyphs of savage divinity,
Tempting me to the pyre
Where Iphigenia is burned
Over and over, her screams
Flavoring the air like lilac and gentian,
But all I want is a horse or a mule,
Something to carry me home.”

“This is a memoir of the mortal casement,
So help me, dear reader,
To find my way home,
Winding as I am along the louvered crest of a hill,
Astride a mule, our feet meeting the ground,
Inch by inch, stone by bloodied stone.”

“Reader, retire not before you send me
A map or a guide, please,
And oats for my mule.
We fall now,
Lost near Mount Byblos or maybe Pompeii,
Ruins of hilltops and bloodfires,
Blocking our way.”

Daniel A. Rabuzzi’s poetry and short fiction has appeared in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Shimmer, Sybil’s Garage, Chizine, Goblin Fruit, Abyss & Apex, and Scheherezade’s Bequest (Cabinet des Fees). Chizine Publications published his debut novel, The Choir Boats in 2009 and will publish its sequel, The Indigo Pheasant, in 2012. You can find him online at www.danielarabuzzi.com.

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